We're pretty happy with our 'Highly Commended' Best Agency showing at the MRS Awards last night...

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Last December we ended the year with the top ESOMAR prize in Paris for our work with Twitter, so nice to conclude this year – one that’s seen us working in more countries than ever before, on larger, more complex briefs than ever before – on another high note. Well done all at Crowd DNA on 12 months of amazing projects and consistently intelligent, creative, innovative work.

We have a feeling 2017 will be bigger, better still…

Awesome news to be in the running for Best Agency (Turnover Below £20m) and International Research...

Lots of excitement at Crowd DNA today, as we pick up two nominations for the MRS Awards in December.

We’re in the running for the International Research prize for our global work with Viacom International Media Networks – well done us, well done Viacom!

And we’re also up for Best Agency (Turnover Below £20m) – a great testament to all of the amazing work by everyone at Crowd DNA, and by our incredible array of clients.

Lots of fingers crossed round these parts. Find out more about the awards here


Fandom On Film

Video outputs from our ESOMAR award-winning work for Twitter...

Among plenty of Crowd DNA highlights in 2015, a particular biggie was winning ‘best paper‘ at ESOMAR’s global conference in Paris, for our work with Twitter. ‘Future Fan’ explored the evolution of the music fan; also the meaning of fandom more generally; the relevance for brands and the role of social media.

One of the outputs from the project was a 12 minute documentary that we created, celebrating the energy of fandom and revealing exactly what makes fan communities tick. That video is currently outside of the public domain, used by the teams at Twitter, but we can show off this two minute edit, which focusses on how Twitter has reshaped the universe of music fandom.


Much whooping and suchlike at Crowd HQ, as we picked up the prize for best paper at ESOMAR's global conference in Paris, for our exploration of music fandom with Twitter...

The judges recognised ‘Future Fan’ as a piece of work that is as intelligent as it is colourful, combining cultural analysis with interviews (experts and consumers), case study evaluation, ethnography, quant and a fast paced What If session (wherein creatives and strategists were tasked with imagining how big events in music’s history would have played out differently had social media existed then).

We identified three ages of fandom, looking at the commonalities and differences in each, including in how the media has reported them and interest shown by brands. We highlighted how community dynamics have become more complex and how the relationship between fan and fan object (ie the band or artist) has changed. Next to a broadcast-quality documentary film and punchy headline findings (‘the tweet is the new autograph’) the work also offers brands a set of strategic and tactical guidelines for how to engage with fans.

Particularly massive well dones to all involved! And huge thanks, of course, to Twitter!



Kling Klang-ery!

Kling Klang* glory, this quarter, goes to one of our consultants, Alice Ellen. She picks it up for very fine work masterminding a project for one of our alcohol clients; also for great endeavours in debrief design and for truly flying the flag for our cultural strategy ethos. Big well dones, then, to Alice...

*The Kling Klangs, just in case they’re not quite globally famous yet, are Crowd DNA’s awards for the greatest of the great of our bloody great team.

Award Number Three For 2014

We started the year winning the Storytelling prize at the Marketing Week Data Strategy Awards. Then came the FIPP Gold Award for our Connected Consumers work for Time Inc. And, pleased to say, we've ended the year by winning the MRS Cultural Insights Award...

We picked up the Virginia Valentine Award For Cultural Insights, to give it its full title, in partnership with University Of Nottingham’s Students Union for our work re-imagining the iconic Portland Building. This saw us combining our ‘Crowd Out’ innovation approach with detailed cultural analysis, exploring what a campus space needs to offer for a next generation of students. Big well dones to all involved and thanks to University Of Nottingham’s Students Union for picking us for the project in the first place. Oh, and that’s the comedian Milton Jones on the left in the pic, by the way.

Congrats to Crowd's innovation knowledge leader, Aurelie Jamard, for being the latest recipient of our seriously prestigious Kling Klang award - dished out quarterly to the Crowd bod who's really, really delivered (not that we don't all really, really deliver, natch)...

Aurelie has masterminded some fantastic multi-phase development work for one of our telecomm clients; next to juggling commitments across a number of other noteworthy trends projects, co-hosting our brilliant Youth Club event and generally furthering the cause of innovation at Crowd DNA with much energy and gusto. Check out some of her posts for Wired’s Innovation Insights blog