We're seeking a consultant/senior consultant to join our strategic insights team. Exciting work for amazing brands guaranteed...

This position is for someone who has a solid grounding in strategic insights work, probably gained at exec or consultant/SRE level, and is now ready to take on a bigger role. And at Crowd DNA, that means on consistently exciting, global briefs for clients across categories such as media, alcohol, fashion and finance; and where the emphasis is on immersive methods and getting to powerful strategic outputs.

The work leans heavily on bringing a truly cultural perspective into play – naturally, we expect this to be very much your thing.

In more detail, here’s what we’re after (level of experience dependent on if applying at consultant or senior consultant level):

– We imagine you’ll have around two to five years experience in an insight environment

– Demonstrable track record across areas such as project design and management, conducting mixed methods, guide writing, online and offline moderation and analysis/debriefing

– A tangible enthusiasm for presenting work, running workshops (virtual or otherwise) and for reaching bold conclusions that combine creativity and good commercial sense for our clients

– First-rate writing skills (we expect you to be contributing to our blog and producing reports)

– Proof of experience at integrating trends into your work (potentially quant, semiotics and other disciplines also)

– Our work generally involves multiple markets – we’re looking for someone who relishes the opportunity to develop narratives and strategies that have global relevance

The role comes with a salary of £28,000-36,000 (consultant)/£36,000-£47,000 (senior consultant) and great benefits (betterment scheme, training, sabbatical, company lunches, days out, flexi hours/wfh, 30 days work from anywhere scheme etc) and the opportunity to progress in an exciting and progressive business. To apply (attaching a CV and covering letter), please get in touch with Berny McManus.

Join Our Culture Club

We love the work we do and we're pretty lucky to get to do it. If cultural insights and strategy interests you too, applying for an internship at Crowd DNA London is a great way to get started. Culture Club kicks off again now...

Internships have always been good at Crowd DNA, but they just got better. Culture Club is a carefully designed four month programme that brings more rigour and quality to what we can offer those seeking experience in insight and strategy work.

Shaped from observations, conversations and an ambition to truly meet with contemporary needs, Culture Club comes in four stages:

Culture Relevance: immersion in Crowd DNA’s training modules on what we mean by culture, how it manifests and why it matters to brands

How We Work With Culture: exploring the methods and frameworks that we use at Crowd DNA to get close to culture and then to derive strategic meaning from it

Practical Application: theory’s all good, but you learn so much from getting involved; at Culture Club you’ll get to work (in a meaningful fashion) on a number of projects, and at various point along the timeline

Culture Wrap: we don’t just wave you away with a thank you card. Concluding the programme, there’s a coaching session with a senior member of the Crowd DNA team, including recommendations on next steps, what to learn more about etc. We want you to leave us primed and excited for what’s next.

In fact, we don’t necessarily want you to leave us. We offer permanent roles to circa 25% of those who come on board for an internship at Crowd DNA. And even when we’re not able to offer this, the vast majority of those who spend time with us end up some place very exciting, in fields such as insight, advertising, media and beyond.

No intern is left just making coffee at Crowd DNA. We encourage cultural curiosity and the opportunity to experience myriad aspects of our work. Importantly, we also hope to imprint on those who join us the importance of adaptability (one of our values is Everything Is Changing, after all) in the future workplace.

Our internships pay London Living Wage and we’re committed to offering an inclusive and exciting place to work.

How To Apply…

We’re not asking for CVs and we absolutely do not require you to come to Culture Club armed with a degree (though they’re of course good, too!), nor to be the loudest person in the room. But we do expect to see evidence that, in your own way, you have an active interest in culture and brands, and where they intersect (we can teach you the insight and strategy bits).

Click through and complete this form if you’d like to be considered for Culture Club!

Here’s some feedback from some of our former Culture Club recruits

“On my first day of Culture Club, I was out on the streets interviewing young athletes. It’s a real crash course in the world of insight and strategy, and Crowd is the sort of place where you can put your hand up for anything and get involved. As someone who had a real interest in culture, but no idea of what sort of career that could give me, Culture Club was a great launchpad – and I’m still here 14 months later!”

“I discovered Crowd when I was studying for my masters. I wanted a career change after working in education management and I thought that insight would be ideal for me. I like meeting new people, exploring ideas and being creative. But to get into a new industry, I knew I would need experience (both for my CV and for myself), so I thought an internship was a good way to go. On my first day at the Hoxton Square office, everyone was friendly, open and super smart. I got stuck in and started working with some huge brands from the get-go. In my first month, I worked on an online community, conducted interviews and even went on fieldwork. I was completely trusted, and that’s what I liked about the internship: I wasn’t treated like an intern at all. I was part of the team. Now that I’m a consultant, I take a lead role on projects for major clients, receive regular training and feel supported in all areas of my progression. Interning at Crowd was a great choice for me at a crucial turning point in my career.”

“I wasn’t made to feel like an intern at all during my internship at Crowd, I felt a lot of trust from the other team members and got stuck into lots of different tasks from day one. Everyone is really nice and supportive and there’s a great team spirit.”

“Interning at Crowd was a really fun and rewarding experience. Over the course of the internship, I was able to try out loads of different skills, from vox pops to qualitative and quantitative analysis. I gained hands-on experience of the different research methods and how they inform cultural strategy. After my internship, I moved into the Crowd Numbers team as an executive.”

We have a consultant/senior consultant level opening in our London Crowd Signs team...

Crowd Signs is the name we give to our smart and adaptive team dedicated to future forecasting, and to providing solid strategic recommendation based on that forecasting. Among other disciplines (such as semiotics and working with social/unstructured data), identifying, articulating and drawing meaning from trends is a big focus in Crowd Signs.

As such, and as we look to grow our Crowd Signs team in 2021, we have an opening for a trends consultant or senior trends consultant to join us. We can offer the chance to work on genuinely thought provoking briefs for many of the most exciting brands in the world, taking in macro themes such as health, work, home, the family, relationships, diversity and identity; and a whole host of more specific themes impacting on clients across categories like tech, alcohol, media, apparel and finance. What we’re looking for:

– Tangible experience of working with trends – from analysis and identification to putting into category context – and of creating and using trends frameworks. Degree of experience required will vary at consultant or senior consultant level

–  Comfortable at leveraging trends to provide strategic consultancy and deliver commercial advantage

–  Confident at presenting trends in workshop environments, including facilitating debate with client stakeholders

–  Next to debrief decks, also confident in creating content from trends, editorial in particular

– Ideally with experience of interviewing and collaborating with experts

– And some level of experience of fusing trends or finding trends from data sources – such as social and unstructured

The role comes with a competitive salary (£34,000-£47,000, dependent on if at consultant or senior consultant level), great benefits, the chance to work on some of the most stimulating and culturally-driven projects out there; and the opportunity to progress and make a real difference in an exciting and progressive business. To apply (attaching a CV and covering letter), please get in touch with Rachel Rapp / r.rapp@crowdDNA.com.


Join Crowd DNA Amsterdam’s Luzie Richt and London’s Dr Jennifer Simon for our latest webinar in Amsterdam, as we look at the changing articulations of womanhood and how brands can respond...

April 22, 15:00-15:45 CET – sign up

(Access via Demio; 45 minutes, followed by Q&A)

We’re very excited to confirm our latest webinar in Amsterdam, in which we’ll explore how women are represented in culture and how brands can engage with a more future-facing portrayal through gender literacy.

With 80 percent of Gen Z women identifying as feminist, but around half of young men claiming that feminism has ‘gone too far’, there’s plenty to discuss. This webinar will join the conversation by exploring the female story – from current representations within the themes of family, relationships and self expression; to examining how narratives are being disrupted and reimagined by culturally relevant brands.   

Presented by Crowd DNA Amsterdam’s Luzie Richt and London’s Dr Jennifer Simon, this session will consider:

– The dominant representation of ‘womanhood’ in three key areas – sex and relationships, family and self expression

– What the new, emergent codes are, and how semiotics can help unpack them

– How brands can take inspiration from the multitude of ways women live their lives

– What all this means for brands looking to future proof and remain culturally relevant to their audience

– How to keep up as more expressions of identity evolve and scripts of gender are rewritten.

We hope you can make it!

April 22, 15:00-15:45 CET – sign up

(Access via Demio; 45 minutes, followed by Q&A)

We’re seeking one to join our London strategic insights team...

We’re seeking a skilled strategic insights expert to join our London team as an associate director. You’ll get to work on fabulously diverse and exciting projects for some of the biggest names around. The briefs we get are amazing – truly at the intersection of culture and brands. We want someone who can bring both provocative thinking and total diligence to this type of work, and who can call on circa six plus years of relevant experience.

Here, in more detail, is what we’re looking for:

– You need to have the confidence and necessary experience to take the controls of large and sometimes complex projects; to be an informed, energised and trusted advisor to our clients

– We’re looking for strong evidence of experience in areas such as brand positioning, proposition development, growth strategies, trends exploration and innovation/transformation projects

– You’ll bring with you skills such as desk and qual research, interacting with experts and influencers, developing frameworks and personas, and using diverse data sources (for instance, social media listening)

– Demonstrating experience of working on multi-market projects is important; as is the ability to lead a team

– Also of working on high quality proposals and project design – plus a clear interest in devising strategies for bringing new clients on board

–  We’ll want you to take ownership of certain category accounts, working closely with the leadership team to nurture existing client relationships; a track record of doing similar will be helpful

– We’re looking for someone who can bring a real sense of craft to their work – from the outputs they produce and strategic recommendations they devise, to how they run workshops and articulate fresh ideas that have cultural-commercial relevance

– We want someone who’s enthusiastic about the idea of working alongside strategists, writers, film-makers and designers; collaborating both with those in our London team and in our overseas offices

The role comes with a competitive salary and benefits, plus clear paths to promotion and to new opportunities.  It’s an entrepreneurial and energised environment, fast paced and collaborative. If you fancy working in a place where setting the agenda for the future of cultural insights and strategy is coded into the way of working, please do get in touch, providing a covering letter and CV in the first instance.

Join Crowd DNA Sydney’s Erryn Balzan, and our friends at 72andSunny, for a session mastering how brands can engage with new expressions of maleness…

March 18, 1pm-1.45pm AEST – sign up

(Access via Zoom; 45 minutes including Q&A)

As narratives of gender continue to evolve in pretty much all corners of the globe, the way we express and represent masculinity is changing. A male misery epidemic, the exposure of toxic masculinity and a progressive Gen Z agenda are reframing what it means to be a man today. Without intervention, brands that speak to men are at risk of falling behind.

This session, presented by associate director Erryn Balzan and co-hosted with 72andSunny, will consider:

–  The cultural shifts impacting narratives of masculinity and the new, emerging expressions

–  How brands can harness these opportunities to drive comms, product innovation and more

–  What we can learn from recent brand and cultural examples in Australia and beyond

–  How to communicate authentically, while avoiding the slippery slope of tokenism.

We’ll round off our discussion with a Q&A panel made up of modern male representatives, featuring: Jason Ball (start-up founder and mental health advocate), Kyle Hugall (head of creative strategy, Lion) and Jimmy Nice (musician and artist).

With the image of a ‘true, blue, Aussie bloke’ so deeply ingrained in our psyches, we look forward to uncovering fresh narratives to help brands rethink and remain culturally relevant, but also challenge our own biases too. Hope you can make it!

March 18, 1pm-1.45pm AEST – sign up

(Access via Zoom; 45 minutes including Q&A)


We're seeking a quant-focused addition to our fast growing team in Sydney/Singapore...

Crowd DNA has solid ambitions to increase its Crowd Numbers capabilities (that’s the name we give to our super skilled, highly dedicated quant team) in APAC, meeting client needs across categories such as media, tech, finance and apparel, often delivering solutions in partnership with our Strategic Insights, Crowd Signs and Socialise teams.

This role (at senior consultant or associate director level) offers the opportunity to take a front seat role in our APAC plans (Sydney or Singapore-based), working on diverse and exciting projects for some of the most exciting brands in the world. The briefs we get are amazing – truly at the intersection of data, culture and brands. We want someone who can bring provocative thinking and new ideas to quantitative work; who can develop enduring client-agency partnerships; designing new approaches and meeting future facing business challenges.

In more detail, here’s what we’re looking for:

– Three plus years of relevant experience for senior consultant level; five plus years for associate director

– Experience and confidence to take a lead role on often complex multimarket projects and to be a trusted advisor to clients

– Ideally experienced in some of these areas: media, tech, fashion, e-commerce and digital journeys; a background in international as well as domestic research would be a plus

– Confidence in presenting to clients, expressing ideas, developing clear and impactful data visualisations, debrief decks and reports

– Track record of producing or contributing to high-quality, winning proposals and project designs

– Experience of work involving techniques such as segmentation approaches, drivers analysis, max diffs and conjoint

– Comfortable with, and enthused by, blending quantitative research with other methods, such as qual, trends, social listening and alternative data sources, including client’s own data 

– Enthusiastic about working alongside strategists, writers, film-makers and designers, as much as researchers; also for collaborating with equal enthusiasm with our teams in other cities

– Different levels of responsibility to be set dependent on if applying at senior consultant or associate director level

The role comes with great benefits (betterment scheme, training, sabbatical, company lunches and days out, flexi hours etc); the chance to work on some of the most stimulating and culturally-driven projects out there; and the opportunity to progress in an exciting and progressive business. To apply (attaching a resume and covering letter), please get in touch with Elyse Pigram.

Crowd Numbers Internship

We have an exciting entry-level opportunity to learn from and work with our quant team...

With our Crowd Numbers team growing quickly, working on an amazing range of cutting edge projects for clients in categories such as social media, tech, apparel and entertainment, we’re looking to add in a paid internship spot, with good opportunities to then transition to a full-time role. We’re seeking someone who’s passionate about working with data – and keen to learn about the possibilities for bringing storytelling and cultural relevance to this type of work.

You’ll need to prove to us that you are data literate, and can point to an interest in/experience of working in the quantitative research or statistical field through your studies, previous internships/placements or through other interests and passions. In return, you’ll get to learn from, and work alongside, a super talented team, contributing to exciting briefs for the best brands in the world.

This internship is set to run for four months and will be paid a full-time salary. A high number of those who take internships at Crowd DNA end up joining our team in permanent roles.

We’re not looking for CVs at this stage. Please get in touch with our Crowd Numbers director, Dave Power, explaining a bit about yourself and why you think this internship is a good fit for you. We’ll then get back in touch, setting you a task to respond to –  after which we’ll conduct remote interviews and get you to meet with more of the Crowd Numbers team. We look forward to hearing from you!